Homeschool Supplies for Special Needs

Sometimes it seems hard to find specialized products for kids with special needs online. This page provides links to where you can find many of them.*

  • Renegade Scholar’s Amazon Store*: Practically every product or book mentioned on this blog can be found on*

  • Discount School Supply*: Get your basic school supplies at great prices. Free Shipping on orders over $75.00. They also have a wide selection therapeutic items in their special needs* section.

  • Learning Things*: Buy a wide selection of books and materials for use in homeschooling. Find most of all the popular homeschooling brands.

  • Super Duper Inc.: An extensive selection of products geared toward aiding children with special needs improve communication, social skills, cognitive skills and more. Our speech therapists use a lot of products that are available here.

  • South Paw Enterprises: Products are geared for use in clinical and therapeutic settings to aid sensory integration but are available for purchase to be used at home.

  • Beyond Play has products for early childhood and special needs. Great resources for filling up your sensory toolbox.

  • ETA Cuisenaire has a site geared specifically for homeschoolers. Find a slew of manipulatives to help with math, reading, and science. See their main site to buy manipulatives for a larger classroom.

  • *Wherever possible the links here are affiliate links. Using these links to make your purchases helps to support the Renegade Scholar website and our homeschool.
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