Einstein: The Autism Connection

Three years ago, before Tremendo was diagnosed with Autism, various people would tell me not to worry. “He’ll talk when he’s ready, You know Einstein didn’t talk until he was three.” I didn’t find much peace in that knowledge because I was too worried about how hard my life was at the time. Tremendo’s lack of speech was the least of my concerns. It was those other things, the things that pointed to Autism, that worried me.

The following video is quite interesting because it suggests that Einstein was what would be considered today a high functioning Autistic person. Evidence of this lies in the delayed speech (among other things) but what calmed me down upon watching this video was not that he didn’t speak until he was 4 but that his speech was echolalic until the age of 7, at which time it seemed to take a more typical expression. The human mind seems to keep adapting all the time. This video reminded me of that.

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