Halloween 2010

Who we dressed up as this year- Sakura, Naruto, and Mario

Naruto, Sakura & Mario

What I had the good sense to keep track of last week:


We loaf around the house today since we went hiking the day before and it’s chilly outside. The boys are really into pretend play revolving around Naruto. Vic goes out to get last minute costume stuff for Halloween. Kamikaze and Tremendo will both be Naruto for Halloween. I will be Sakura from the same cartoon. Sweet Coco will be Mario from Super Mario Brothers. We have some costume modifying to do this week.


Kamikaze and I do history and science today. We read Exodus from Egypt by Mary Auld and make a list of the ten plagues. Kamikaze reads Cheetah Cubs: Station Stop 2 (All Aboard Science Reader) by Ginger L. Clarke out loud to me.

This week we have a serious emphasis on library books because they are all over a week overdue. We still have four more to go. I also need to make my book notes on When Your Kids Push Your Buttons: And What You Can Do About It by Bonnie Harris before that gets returned. This is an excellent book and I plan to write a book review about it soon.


It is fun. We trick or treat for about 90 minutes. Sweet Coco really gets into it this year, running from house to house in order to keep up. I think next year we should do a dry run before the actual event in order to teach the kids some Halloween etiquette. For instance, some people want kids to grab the candy out of the bowl and some people want to hand it out themselves. Tremendo and Sweet Coco kept trying to help themselves even though they were asked to wait because that was the precedent set by the first few houses we visited. A little boy tells Tremendo that he has a cool costume but he doesn’t answer back even though it seems like he would like to, so we should also practice for those types of scenarios too.

Tremendo is really cute when he sees someone in a super-scary skeleton costume handing out candy. At first he doesn’t want to get near the door but when he sees everyone else walk up and get candy he decides to be brave. He says, “Hey there, ghost,” as he approaches.

You can see more photos of us in costume on the Renegade Scholar Facebook Fan Page.

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