Week in review: October 11, 2010 – October 16, 2010

I’m going to try to provide weekly updates about our homeschooling in attempts to help others understand what it’s really like (some days you can get it all done and some days you can’t get any of it done) and also to help me remember our year when it’s time to write our progress reports.

On Monday Vic, who has the day off, does school with the kids. He reads to Tremendo and Sweet Coco. He reviews Math (fractions and equations with tens) with Kamikaze and they discussed Columbus Day. I shed a few tears in the next room while I hear them talking.

The kids and Vic go hiking. I stay behind trying to do all the preparation for school for the next two weeks. Later that night we watched The Canary Effect.

Tuesday and Wednesday Tremendo and Sweet Coco go to their weekly Speech and Occupational Therapy appointments. They have good sessions. I am overwhelmed by all of the recommendations that they give me to implement at home. I always feel tremendous pressure after these appointments. Fears and insecurities that I’m not doing enough for them and that I’ll never be able to get it all done. It’s the primary reason I’ve made Wednesday a non-school day. I channel all that energy into research, planning, preparation and cleaning my house.

On Thursday we have an impromptu Lego day due to bickering over a Lego fire truck that Sweet Coco received from his grandfather two weeks ago. I pulled all the Legos out of the basement to make a new car for one of the kids. We sorted them and Kamikaze and Tremendo spent all day building. Tremendo kept taking apart the fire truck and re-building it from memory. Kamikaze built two space ships and a temple based on Avatar the Last Air Bender.

We saved history for Saturday because Kamikaze had a friend knock on our door just as we were about to start it on Friday. He asked to let her in and promised that he would do history without complaint on Saturday. (He did complain a little when it came time to buckle down.) We’re learning about Moses and the Isrealites’ Exodus from Egypt. Kamikaze was fascinated by the ten plagues, especially the boils and locusts.

I have completed everything we’ll need for the week. I feel very accomplished but I’m freaking out a little on the inside because I have to do it all again for next week. I need to remember to do this all in one shot for the next school year starting in April 2011.

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