Watercolors and Crystals

Highlights November 14 – November 20, 2010


It’s a slow day today. Kamikaze spends a few hours playing outside and then goes to friend’s house. Sweet Coco watches a DVD about kittens and then paints with watercolors. Tremendo takes advantage that Kamikaze isn’t home and enjoys full use of the PlayStation. Vic and I work on freelance projects.


In the morning Tremendo, Sweet Coco and I spend some time with the crystals. He gets each one from the altar, I label them and the returns them to their spot.

School with Kamikaze goes well. We do Math, Reading, Grammar, Writing, Cursive and Science. We read one chapter of The Cheetah (Endangered and Threatened Animals) by Lisa Harkrader. It is pretty extensive in terms of information and has me thinking that this one book could have covered all of the information we’ve read in the others so far.

The rest of the week? It was a total blur. Vic was traveling for work Wednesday and Thursday. We read more about Cheetahs.

I learned an interesting tidbit while reading The Out-of-Sync Child. Apparently walking on unstable surfaces (like when you’re hiking, walking in a meadow or a sandy beach) helps develop vestibular integration. The vestibular sense affects many areas such as movement and balance, muscle tone, motor planning, and visual-spatial processing. I felt good about the fact that we hiked a lot this year. I also realized that the hiking could be one of the reasons the weekend is a lot less chaotic here than on the weekdays.

Boys Rock!

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