Family Drawing Time

Thanks to The Creative Family by Amanda Soule, I got some nice ideas for Family Drawing Time. Basically, Family Drawing Time is when everyone sits down and draws at the same time, in their own sketchbooks.

I got 5 navy-blue, 5″ x 7″ sketchbooks from various and vendors. They averaged about $4.90 each and that includes shipping.

The kids drew on their own for about 15 minutes. Tremendo and Sweet Coco stopped after that but Kamikaze, Vic and I kept going.

Here are the results:

Tremendo’s Drawing

Tremendo draws mountains and river running through them.

I remarked that Tremendo’s drawing looked like purple mountains with a stream running through them and that’s when Tremendo drew that big blue line from the top of the page down.

Sweet Coco’s Drawing

Sweet Coco spent most of his time drawing on this page very deliberately.

Kamikaze’s Drawing

It’s Avatar, Sokka and Katara!



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