That time of year, Homeschooling in MA

Right about this time of year is when a lot of Massachusetts Homeschoolers send in their letter of intent to the local school district. Basically, Massachusetts requires that parents send a letter of intent every year before the start of the school year in September stating their desire to homeschool their child and the education plan that they intend to follow that year. In that letter parents must also state what form of assessment they will agree to in order for the school system to know how the child is progressing at the end of the year.

I’ve started working on mine and decided to post some useful links that will help you write your letter of intent (if you live in Massachusetts) as well as other useful tidbits of how to do what is legally required without giving the school system more authority and control than it legally has a right to.

  • Homeschooling in Massachusetts: General information about getting started and complying with the law.
  • AHEM’s Homeschool Guidelines at a glance: The rest of this site is very helpful as well. Give this one a thorough read if you’re just getting started.
  • Tips for Writing Your Education Plan/ Letter of Intent
  • Sample Education Plan

  • Not in Massachusetts? See this site for information on the Homeschooling Laws in your state (left side bar).

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