Control Issues

Ok, it’s clear that I have them. Sometimes when Vic decides to give Kamikazee an assignment I feel like he’s coming to my turf and doing it wrong. Granted, I’ve spent 3 years instructing him myself with little input thus far. But still, I know that children can have many teachers and the differing teaching styles helps them to be more adaptive and understand rules in context (where they belong, in my opinion).

I need to remember that just because Vic’s going about it differently, it doesn’t mean that it is harmful. Even though while it’s happening it seems like learning is not fun for Kamikazee. Kamikazee seems to be used to my relaxed if I didn’t teach it to you yet, don’t stress about it approach and gets agitated with Vic’s approach. I understand too that Vic’s involvement is directly related to the unschooled approach I’ve taken with Kamikazee this summer.

So what to do? I think I know. I either need to make a determination to unschool and get Vic to understand the method to what must seem like my madness (he’s much more oriented to classical homeschooling) or I just need to homeschool with curriculums and whatnot so that if Vic feels the need to come onto my turf I’ll know that I’m doing what I need to do about whatever subject he feels the need to enhance and Kamikazee can learn all about rules in context.

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