I’m Making It, But Broken

These past couple of months Tremendo’s conversational skills have been emerging.  I’m quite pleased to report some back talk.

Me: “Put your shoes away.”

Him: “No!”

Me: “TV is all done.”

Him: “Don’t touch the TV!”

There was also this…

Clay Man just as his lower leg is ripped off.
Clay Man just as his lower leg is ripped off.

He spent quite a long time working on this one because he didn’t figure how to make limbs that were not too heavy for the small torso. Every time he picked him up so that I could take the picture, an arm or a leg ripped in half or completely fell off. After working really intently on this for at least 40 minutes he stood up and looked at me, as if to say he was done. I pulled the camera out, he lifted him up. I snapped the photo and Clay Man’s leg fell off. That’s when Tremendo said, “I’m making it, but broken.” I explained about the limbs while I was tap dancing on the inside.

I need to buy some more modeling clay. I like that it doesn’t dry out. This was a good thing to have at the table for when I was working with Kamikaze and Tremendo was looking for something to do.

In other news, homeschooling on our new schedule is going well. With three kids it lasts about 7-8 hours on a full day. Right now those full days are Mondays and Thursdays. Trememdo and Sweet Coco understand the routine now and are taking initiative and showing enthusiasm during our sit down time. Kamikaze seems to burn out a little toward the end. I think it has more to do with the time of day we’re finishing 5-5:30 pm, than with the workload. We’re going to be working straight through (4 days per week for the kids, 5 days a week for me) until we take a week off in the beginning of March.

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